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will be held via zoom on Fri 17sept2021 @ 7pm. 
​​​​​​​To receive your personal invite, please email leanne@duncanstingrays.com
2021/22 Pre Registration invites will be sent to current membership.  Watch your inbox in early August.
enjoy your summer!


MESSAGE from the DST President
(message emailed to all current DST membership 02aug2020)

Hello Swim families,

hope that everyone is safe and healthy, and enjoying the long weekend.

It feels like it has been an eternity but now is time to move forward,

The rules for returning differ among countries, provinces and cities, even municipalities, but the swimming world is beginning to creep toward competition again. Across Canada and around the world, sports are slowly awakening from their break during the coronavirus pandemic. However, no province is at the point where gyms, pools, training centers or even open-air running tracks are widely open.

Public health guidelines say that training cannot be conducted as usual. Initially, athletes should socially distance, use their own equipment and wash any shared equipment with antiseptic cleaners. They should also wear facial coverings and avoid direct contact with other athletes.

And yet, there is really good news! If we do it right, and work really hard at being consistent and safe, we can start to return to swimming.

As per Swim Canada and Swim BC guidelines, our return to swim will be carefully monitored and will begin with our coaches and oldest athletes in small groups. We will take a careful and planned approach to resuming swimming activities.

Additionally, we understand and will support family decisions regarding each individual swimmer's return-to-swim date. Each family should follow a return timeline based on their comfort level and individual health factors.

Please review our DST Return to Swim Guide (soon to be released). All swimmers and families will be required to follow these policies. We will send out an amended outline closer to our return date, which will include a detailed diagram specific to the pool and deck layout. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Our focus for returning to swimming after an extended break will include:

-  Following all guidelines that pertain to swimmer health and being aware of all sickness or injury,

- Taking the time to regain the fitness, coordination, and aquatic comfort that we all felt before the interruption,

- Getting swimmers back up to speed quickly, enjoyably, and above all, safely,

- Examining goals and make sure that they are appropriate and have been adjusted to allow for the break. Both team and individual goals may change after a layoff, so discussion about what the future holds and how you’ll work together to make your mutual vision a reality is necessary,

Technique is the key - increasing efficiency is crucial and the first few weeks after the return to the water are the perfect time to focus on improving technique. Judge workouts in terms of skills acquired rather than yards swum,

Plateaus shall pass - With any increase in workload there are inevitable periods where performance suffers as the body adapts. When fatigue is the dominant feeling, it’s a perfect time to back off and, you guessed it, focus on technique,

- Urging people to try strokes or distances they haven’t done before. When the pressure is off and drills are done with emphasis on enjoyment, old phobias and resistance can be melted,

Celebrating. Social elements are an important part of competitive swimming especially when people haven’t seen each other for a while. It’s important that workouts have social elements - even if personal distancing restrictions are in place,

- Using social media and email to communicate the joy we’re experiencing having swimmers back in the water

Attached you will have the 20/21 Registration package alone with the Road to Recovery waiver ( for those Sr. Swimmers in the gym program) as well as the General DST waiver sheet, we are sending out all paper work so that everyone has time to review it before the on-line portal opens ( attentively AUGUST 10th 2020) please review as there have been a few changes.

One note as you will notice the monthly fees are not filled out (TBD) as with COVID-19 happening and the uncertainty of lane rental costs, when swimming will start and the number of swimmers in the water DST has not yet determined monthly fees, That being said DST is dedicated to make fees remain very closely to last years fee structure.

I will send out a reminder the night before for the On-line registration

any questions? let me know

 stay safe enjoy the rest of the summer


DST Volunteer President.

MESSAGE from the DST President
(message emailed to all current DST membership 16mar2020)

Good Afternoon Swim Families...


"As of today (Mar. 16/20) the BC government is directing people not to have gatherings of 50 people or more.  Safety of all should be at the forefront as well as the responsibility of all of us to work together to flatten the curve."

Therefore as of 4:30 pm Today (March 16th 2020) The Cowichan Aquatic Center has informed us they will be CLOSED with no re-opening time in the future. I will do my best to send more information as I receive it, but as the Aquatic center was closing for renovations in the next few months anyway I have no information if and when we will be going back this swim year.

Fees?... as I had said previously March will be fees paid and we will NOT be reimbursing them, we will also NOT be cashing any checks moving forward. If you have any outstanding payments that need paying we ask at this time you do so to clean up your account. If you have questions regarding payments outstanding you may or may not have please email our treasure and we will do our best to answer them.    treasurer@duncanstingrays.com 

All "Bond" checks will not be cashed at this time. We will touch base with everyone at the "end" (June 2020) of the season about getting them back to everyone. 

Stay safe and enjoy the Sunshine Swim Families... 

and as always any questions I will do my best to answer them :)


DST President.

MESSAGE from the DST President
(message emailed to all current DST membership 13mar2020)

Good Afternoon DST Swim families,                       

March 13, 2020

As of Friday, March 13 all programming is running as scheduled. We will continue to monitor this evolving situation and keep you updated.

As everyone is on high alert from the Coronavirus virus (Covid-19) and not knowing the unexpected that may or may not come our way, we as the Duncan Stingrays swim team are going to follow the same guides as the School District 79, If the schools do not go back in session following spring break the swim team will also not go back. If the Cowichan Aquatic center closes before the schools then we also will not be swimming.

This will include Gym sessions at “Road to Recovery” with Scott.

Without knowing all the Logistics so far as most or all have paid fees for March this will remain as Fees paid. If we are not in the pool by April all fee's for that month will be based on a week by week decision depending on when we will be back in the water.

If we are swimming some tips to remember and pass along to your child are:

  • No sharing water bottles, food or lip balm
  • Try not to touch your face, especially nose, eyes and mouth
  • Wash your hands
  • No high fives
  • Immediately wash your hands/elbows if you sneeze or cough
  • Parents: please wash your athlete's water bottle thoroughly every day - as well as any items that are used regularly.
  • The province has recommended anyone who has traveled outside of Canada recently to self-isolate for 14 days upon their return. If your child has recently returned from a trip outside the country we ask that you not attend Swimming or gym.

We ask for patience and understanding while this is new to everyone and I may not have all the answers I will do my best to navigate any concerns or questions you may have regarding the Team, The website will also have the latest news as we get it https://dst.poolq.net/

I have also attached the most recent update information from Swim BC, They have canceled ALL swim meets until after April 20, 2020 with the exception of Olympic trials postponed. I will continue to send information when it comes my way.

Thank you again for your understanding.

Amber Battie

Duncan Swim Team President

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