Corporate & Alumni Sponsorship

Our Team is pleased to encourage Corporate Sponsorship opportunities.  Please see our Team's Sponsorship application brochure pg1 / pg2 / pg3 / pg4

Interested in supporting the community's youth and your local team?  Please contact Coach Brent for more info​​​​​​​


Interested in giving back to the Team that has afforded you so much?  Please contact Head Coach Leanne for sponsoring opportunities. 

​​​​​​​Individual Member
​​​​​​​Grant Opportunities
& Applications

Individual members are required to apply directly to the organizations listed below. 
​​​​​​​For assistance, please contact our Team's volunteer Grants Coordinator Peter

KidSport Canada

  • Children under 18yrs of age are eligible
  • to a maximum of $500
  • applications must be received prior to, or at the beginning of the season

2020 KidSport Cowichan Grant Application


Canadian Tire JumpStart Canada

  • Children ages 4 - 18yrs are eligible to apply
  • Program must be a minimum of 5weeks in duration and at least 1 session per week
  • applications must be received prior to the program's start date

Applications for the 2020 year have closed.  Currently waiting for an update on the reopening date.


Athletics 4 Kids

  • Children ages 5 - 18yrs are eligible to apply
  • please apply at least 2 - 4 weeks before the start of the program

2020 A4K Application Form / online Application Form


​​​​​​​Membership Fundraising

The Stingrays are always looking for new ways in which to raise funds for team events, equipment, travel, etc.  Each group member is obligated to assist in this area and the amounts are based upon:

  • 2nd year membership and beyond
  • specific group enrollment
  • 1st child of each immediate family is applicable.  2nd & 3rd, etc members have no additional FR amount
  • DST Registration Package excerpt FUNDRAISING APPENDIX C

If you've got an idea on how to raise funds in support of your Child's Team, we'd like to hear your ideas!  Please contact DST's Member FundRaising Chairperson Heather R  to propose your idea and get started on the next incentive.

                       Bottle Depot

Pick up refundable bottles and cans at any time, and return them to the Bottle Depot in Duncan to raise funds for your swimmer’s fundraising account. Why not take a little time over the holidays to let your neighbours know you are raising funds for the Stingrays, pick them up and return them to the Bottle Depot.

Instead of taking the cash, please be sure to ask for your total to be credited to the Duncan Stingrays account.   
​​​​​​​Also, please make sure to ask for a receipt of the total deposited to Stingrays account, write your swimmer's name on it and then send a copy to Heather to receive a credit towards your mandatory fundraising.  


Other longstanding FundRaising opportunities include:

  • Purdy's Chocolate Sales
  • Thrifty's Food Cards
  • Splash-A-Thon
  • Burger & Beer nights
    (pre COVID that is!)